Aspiring drummers during their drum lessons
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A few drum students from the School Of Rhythm (except for Kenny Clark and Mike Mangini!)
Kenny Clarke, God Father of Bebop who along with Max Roach revolusionized drumming forever - Dom studied with him in Paris
Kenny Clark, one of Dom's teachers
Gary passed his Grade 3 with Disctinction in May 2010
'It's brilliant!' Gary flies through his grades!

Angelo is preparing for Grades 2 & 3
'Mr Groove' Angelo

Finley Mapelstone at the Londo Drum Show 2010 trying Shine drums
Finley invited to try Shine drums
Finley Mapelstone trying Shine Drums at the London Drum Show 2010
Finley soloing @ London Drum Show 2010
Finley Mapelstone signing the giant Hall of Fame Drum Head for Shine Drums at the London Drum Show 2010
Finley's first signing session! Watch that man!

Salomon passed Grade 1 in May 2010 - this is a photo taken 2 years ago
Solomon 'watch that space!' Omar, 2007

Sarah - drummer from Honor Oak!
Sarah laughing at her teacher!

Luka preparing Grade 1 & 2
Luka's 1st star drummer photo shoot - Yo!
Ben preparing Grade 2
Ben rocking in 2008
Jeffrey just bought his first drum kit
Jeffrey, 71, is drumming for his church
Steven is also pianist and actor. He is preparing grade 1
GREAT Steven playing along 'Drowning'
David, drummer of the 'The Voyeurs'
Power drummer David from 'The Voyeurs'
Alex, a rocker in the making!
Very talented 'Mr Feel' Ben
Equaly talented 'it's got to be perfect' Jo
end of Term preparation at the Evelyne Grace Academy in Brixton where Dom used teaches twice a week
Dom's Students, Evelyne Grace Acad. Brixton
Jazz and funk man Josh
'A piece of cake!' french drummer Gerald
Dom's Student from Lewisham Marching Band - 7 Days Advantists
Dom's student - Lewisham Marching band
Harvey's first steps
Nick Glover March 2010
'Let's Rock!' Nick
Mike Mangini Soloing - 2010
Mike Mangini during a drum solo
Paul, Luka's dad giving it a go.
Paul visiting
'Let's talk about life..' Jack
Promissing Eliott

Luke Sept 2010
'Let's Drum!' Luke - watch that space!

Maureen drums for her church

More photos to come...


To the students who are not yet featured,
please accept our apoligies, you will be here soon.

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