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D Pizzinat, Drum Teacher in South East London

Drum lessons in South East London - Dominique Pizzinat
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The Drummer:
Drumming has been a major part of Dom's life for more than 30 years. A professional drummer performing internationally, he has toured with household names (Europe and US)... and has done almost everything that one can do with a pair of sticks: festivals, night clubs, circus, marching band, covers bands, jazz, soul, funk band, Brazilian bands, rock bands, African bands, national TV and radio shows, you name it. In 1985, he established the first ever world record of the longest drum solo (french Guinness Book 1986). Since 1994 he is based in London. When he is not teaching Dom performs with his two bands (a jazz band and a covers band) and superb original alternative pop-rock project VALL across UK and Europe.

His drum-kit has been set-up at the top of 3000 metre high slopes in the French Alps, on beaches on the Gulf of Siam, in the dunes of the Sahara (Algeria), in Tunisia, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Thailand, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Oman, on the other side of the Atlantic - and of course throughout France and the UK.

The Drum Teacher:
Dom has been teaching drums as well as training drum teachers for more than 25 years. In 1982 he created in Paris, and went on to manage for ten years, what became the largest private music school in France - and probably in Europe. His drum books, 'La Methode' and 'B.A.BA Batterie' have sold thousands.

Teaching is, once more, an important part of his activities. His students often become friends. Seeing their progression is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences he can think of. He says 'Being able to share with them the joy that this instrument has to offer is no less than exhilarating.'

Dom thinks highly of art teachers and teachers in general. He has often been asked 'who was the greatest drum teacher in the world?' and he answers with this dramatic article: here.

He is known for being patient and not rushing his students into material too high for their current skills level: 'each student is facing challenges and together we make a team' he says 'so the game is always interesting for me, even with beginners and young children' and he adds 'There are specific phenomena which arise when someone studies a subject. These phenomena are the symptoms of having encountered very precise stumbling blocks in the course of the study. And there are immediate remedies to these phenomena which enable the student to maintain her/his interest in the subject. The result - someone who understands and can apply what s/he has studied. For us it means they can play drums'.

His heroes are Steve Gadd, Kenny Clark, Steve Ferrone, Robert Bordes, Buddy Rich, Cater Beauford, Elvin Jones ...'and probably 100 more great drummers'.

The School of Rhythm today:
The school maintains its presence at the heart of Forest Hill, SE23, since 2003 and has moved its main drum studios in Penge, SE20 (close to Crystal Palace, Dulwich, Streatham and Beckenham) where it benefits from state of the art music and recording facilities. 5 professional drummers have now joined Dom to cater for the huge demand for the school's drum lessons.

Students currently range from age 5 to 71, the majority between 15 and 38, some are pro drummers, some aspiring pros, some just want to have fun and experience the joy of creating on this wonderful instrument.

His Paris school was attended by 600+ every week (on all instruments - this was the largest private music school in the country). But the London School of Rhythm is strictly a school of drumming and opened to a limited number of students. 'Although I love teaching drums, my career as a drummer and songwriter is the main reason why I moved to London. However it is important for me to keep teaching. I feel this is important, that it does make a difference and it gives me a great feeling. Rather than to get involved in the management of a large school again, I have decided to keep it more intimate here - sort of a 'boutique for aspiring drummers'. For this reason I have carefully chosen 5 great drummers to help me in my task.
Let's give each student the personal attention they deserve
and let's have fun -
Let's drum!'


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'The School of Rhythm - Let's Drum!' has been established since 2003 and gives drum lessons in Forest Hill, SE23- South East London
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